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Studio-Film and Broadcast Generators

What do motion picture, television, broadcast, commercials, feature films, music videos, and live sporting events have in common is the need for 100% reliability, flexibility, control and quiet on the set. With that in mind at Production Power & Air we have built an inventory to do just that.

With our fleet of Studio / Film quiet Crawford Generators, Twin Pack redundant generators as well as flexible power distribution systems, Fold out temporary suites and fully duct able HVAC units we can give you just what you are looking for even in the most remote locations if needed. Our inventory is meticulously maintained both mechanically and esthetically to insure optimal and dependable operation, giving you the comfort to focus on all the other parts of the production knowing your reliable power and HVAC is there to keep you up and running.

We can provide you with just equipment rental or a complete staff to setup, monitor, move and remove all our equipment when you are done. We can provide you with onsite fueling as well with our mobile fuel trailers.

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  Studio Film Quiet Crawford Generators
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