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Evaporative cooling and Misting

Production Power & Air can provide you with alternative ways to cool your guests or attendees at a fraction of the cost of conventional AC. Our inventory of Evaporated cooling and misting systems are great for outdoor gatherings, sporting events; outdoor seating for restaurant’s and, open air tent structures, bringing temperatures down in some instances as much as 20 degrees.

Our evaporative coolers work by drawing warm air over wet pads, where evaporation of the water from the pads cools the air and then exhausting the cooled air out through a high speed internal fan giving your guest a breeze of cool air as they enjoy there outdoor activities.

Our High pressure misting systems work so effectively because they produce microscopic droplets of water that turn into a fine mist that hit the hot air and flash evaporate quickly before it can get you wet cooling the surrounding air while keeping you dry. The breeze from a mist fan can be felt from as far as 25 feet away or more depending on conditions.

So Give Production Power & Air a call to discuss how we can help keep you cool on those hot days while enjoying the outdoors, and still leaving you money for some other fun activities.


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