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Emergency Response Services

Making sure you have a pre-arranged plan for emergency backup power and temporary climate control is very important for all types of companies, individuals and government entities. A pre-arranged plan in the event of an emergency can save time and lives. The time to plan for emergency backups is before the emergency happens, so that your needs can be met immediately if and when a disaster occurs.

Providing emergency backup power and climate control is one of our most important services we offer and our commitment to providing this service is one we take very seriously. Because of our headquarters being located in South Florida, we have extensive, experience with natural disasters. We specialize in providing temporary power and climate control equipment for disaster relief, power outages, equipment failure or even planned repairs.

We can also supply temporary climate control for your site in the event of an emergency. If your climate control system has been damaged, failed, or even If there is a planned repair we can supply portable air conditioners with capacities from small 1 ton to 5 ton spot coolers for small rooms, or 20 ton and larger vertical or duct, air conditioners along with direct-fired heaters. In addition to the climate control equipment itself, we can, if necessary, at the same time supply portable generator rental to power the equipment.

Call Production Power & Air today, so that our expert staff can help you secure a contingency plan for your unexpected emergencies. Don't wait until the emergency happens. We can assist you with your plans throughout South Florida and the United States with our network of partners. Take advantage of our Contingency Contracts today, before it's too late.

Call us for a quote, or if you prefer, just fill out our online quote form for a prompt reply.


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